Notes, Quotes, and Snapshots: Stanislas Wawrinka’s winning week in Portugal

Photo Credit: Stan Wawrinka Twitter

Stanislas Wawrinka (@stanwawrinka) had a pretty eventful weekend. He won his fourth career ATP singles title, and first since 2011, when he took out David Ferrer on clay in the Portugal Open final. When he’s not drawing “oohs” and “aahs” from the crowd with his picturesque backhand, Stan’s entertaining fans through the tweets on his Twitter account. Take a look at how things played out for Stan last week.

First, he showed off his newest toy – the PS3. Every man needs to have a great game in his hands. Extra points for the patriotic colors – very Suisse.

In between games, he had some time to poke fun at his BFF Benoit Paire’s “drawing,” while sticking in a photo of his new toy.

Benoit drew a beautiful dessin.

We’re not exactly sure how to analyze this, but we see a lot of love in the air. There must be some type of message behind this. Voilà!

Then, Stan treated himself to some ice-cream after his semifinal win. Even better, having a sweet in your hands.

But, the best thing of all is what he had in the end – his trophy. See what we did there? And, no, that’s not the end…

Then, it was time for the journey to his next stop, Madrid. Don’t worry, this time Stan didn’t have the plane in his hands, or rather, any control of it.

Not sure about this stuff, though. We’re just kidding. Like a true sportsman, he assured that he didn’t have any.

Here’s Stan giving his fans a thumbs up, relaxed as ever, and making us jealous that we couldn’t be in his seat to make the same trip!


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