Buona Vacanza! Laura Robson’s Roman adventure

Laura Robson took in the sights of Rome this weekend, and let her fans in on the excursion. The Brit, who is in town for the Internazionali BNL d’Italia, visited all the famous stops of Italy’s capital, and took to her social media accounts to post the photos. Take a look at her trip in Roma after the jump! Buon divertimento!

(Photo Credit: Laura Robson Instagram & Twitter)

No matter where she is in the world, Laura made it known that home always comes first, naturally.

First stop: The Colosseum.

Fun fact: The Colosseum used to seat 50,000 spectators. That’s almost double the size of Arthur Ashe Stadium!

Then, she made it into the stunning St. Peter’s Basilica.

Fun fact: The basilica is home to Michaelangelo’s sculpture, the Pietà. It is the only piece the artist has ever signed.

St. Peter's Basilica. #vaticancity

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And, of course, when in Rome, make a mark. That’s exactly what Laura did. She touched the butt, kind of like Nemo, but in a different way. Cheeky stuff.


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Buona notte!  Laura showed us the rest of her visit, posting a collage of the Vittorio Emanuele II monument, the Trevi fountain, and the Spanish Steps. Yes, all many of the sights of the beautiful city.

Fun fact: Laura Robson can be followed on Instagram and Twitter at @laurarobson5

Rome is a stunner. #touristing

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